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    Home place website (Web hosting) Web Hosting can be interpreted as a room contained in the hard disk where the data, files, pictures, video, email data, statistics, databases and so forth will be displayed on the website. The amount of data that can be entered depends on the amount of web hosting that is rented / owned, the greater the web hosting the greater the data that can be entered and displayed in the website.

    Web Hosting is also obtained by renting. Users will get protected control panel with username and password for administration of the website. The amount of hosting is determined hard disk space with the size of MB (Mega Byte) or GB (Giga Byte). The average web hosting rental is calculated per year. Hosting rentals are done from the companies hosting the tenants are often found both in Indonesia and abroad. Location of data center laying (datacenter) web hosting vary. Some are in Jakarta, Singapore, UK, America, etc. with varying rental rates.

    We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Program Language (Scripts Program) Is the language used to translate every command in a website that is accessed at the time. Programming language type determines the static, dynamic or interactive of a website. The more variety of programming languages ​​used the more dynamic the website will look, and interactive and look good.

    Various language programs nowadays have been present to support the quality of the website. Types of programming languages ​​widely used by website designers include HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, Java Scripts, Java applets, XML, Ajax etc. The basic language every website uses is HTML whereas PHP, ASP, JSP and others are supporting languages ​​that act as dynamic regulators, and interactive sites.

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